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Business Advice – The worst I ever received!

business adviceMany people ask myself and my business partner why we appear to be having so much fun in business. They are in a way seeking business advice from us.

It is a startlingly common question usually followed by “I wish my life was like that”.

Well frankly, they probably don’t because there is an awful lot of hard work to get to this point and stay here. And it doesn’t all smell of roses along the way! If you seek business advice, you will likely hear that whatever you embark on, you will naturally find challenges along the way,

Business Advice

But here is what I consider to be a big part of the secret.

When you plan a business or project, why not start with laying out the fundamentals that you enjoy. What would energize you to go to work every day and be positive even when it does not go the way you want it to?

Along the way in business I have heard so many bad pieces of advice, including:

“It doesn’t matter what you do, it matters what you make at the end of the day” or
“Never turn your passion in to a business, it will ruin a good hobby”.. really?

There are many more saying that are along the lines of the bottom line being only the money and this, I believe is where most people fall in to the trap of a daily routine they do not enjoy.

So, for 2017, how about you write a new business plan. Not for a new business, but what about for you personally?

Lets start 2017 by looking at how you might want to live, or the things you might want to do. Perhaps a top 20 list of what you would like to accomplish during the year.

For goodness sake, don’t write anything about income, or work because that is where we fall in to the trap. We measure our ability to achieve things by our relative access to time and money.

What if those parameters did not exist?

My wife and I did exactly that in 1994 and found out in the process that we don’t even like work! It was not in our top ten list of things to do – imagine that.


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