The First Step To Success

For many years I have been teaching people that the all important step is the first step to success.

The first step is how I have started every single adventure or business. I figured I could simply learn the rest on the fly – perhaps that is not how everybody think. To me the sense of adventure drove me to succeed. The desire for freedom and control of my own destiny always helped me step out of my own comfort zone. But unlike many,  I did it naturally.

Therein lies the problem. Most people struggle to complete a task. The good news is that it can be changed, if we ourslelves are willing to change. That is why we coach people in the first place.

first step to successPart of the issue is that we are conditioned to eat fast food diets Then we get on 30 day miracle weight loss programs. What we miss is the tenacity and perseverance to succeed. The world has removed our desire to stick to a plan. We are encouraged to seek instant success rather than follow a system. In the end we need to  ensure that when we start, we do so in order to finish.

For our Inner Circle clients, we are going to start training on this concept of figuring out the last step. We want to help more people commit to a project and complete it rather than becoming very good at starting something and never finishing. The first step to success becomes so much more valuable when you invest it in getting to the end!

If you feel that you are never able to find that finish line, or your team needs some help on the concept of process driven success, then by all means contact me to discuss our training programs or book me as a speaker to fine tune your results.

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