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Successful life

Successful life

Successful life

I read an article about about entrepreneurs the other day and how they yearn for a successful life.

Of course the rewards can always be there if we are wiling to work hard and smart but for many the journey can be tough and yet rewarding.

My grandfather always told me that the first million was the hardest to make and lets face it a million dollars does not define a successful life in this day and age. But he was correct. In fact, the first dollar can be the hardest to make which is why one business author coined the phrase “entrepreneurshit”.

successful lifeIt is a challenge but if you persist, surround yourself with successful people, tap in to mentors and get involved in a mastermind group the results can be amazing.

I have always loved flying and led a team on a successful Guinness World Record with paramotors a few years ago so when I had the opportunity to learn to fly gyroplanes, I jumped on it. Is it the result of a successful life? Well, I can tell you now I have very few regrets, I don’t consider myself to be super successful based on what I see around me, but I do enjoy freedoms that many other do not and I am grateful for that.

Remember, dreams do come true and anyone can live a successful life. What separates those that do from those that don’t is two very simple to master parameters – use of time and use of money! We nearly all start life with no money and about 710,000 hours to invest, what are you doing with yours?

Invest them wisely and you could live a successful life too.

Enjoy the video – this was taken just over a year ago in Spanish Fork Utah, learning to fly with AirGyro – a fantastic school that uses some wonderful new gyroplanes.


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What freedoms entrepreneurs have

What freedoms entrepreneurs have

Entrepreneurial Freedom

Before people embark on a journey of adventure with entrepreneurial endeavours, they often question what entrepreneurial freedom means.

I have always approached the topic differently. I have always asked entrepreneurs why they decided to be self-employed. The single biggest answer was to have control of time and money. So then I ask my next questions. In regard to entrepreneurial freedom, do you feel you have control of time and money? Most say no. So what drives us in our quest to be self employed.

entrepreneurial freedomFor me it has always been the element of control. I want to know that I can work late in order to get an early days skiing in the following day. Or I can work early so that I can go fishing… so do we need complete control of time and money to do that? The answer, clearly, is no. We need control of where we invest our resources.

Now, when you entrepreneurial freedom and before you decide that self-employment is not for you because you just read the first three paragraphs, I have also met many self made multi millionaires who are solely in the position they are in because they were self employed.

This blog has been created to inspire you to reach a greater potential, to understand what control of your daily activities can mean to your future and to give you a sense of empowerment that allows you to acknowledge you have the ability.

I started in entrepreneurial life at 11 years old and one day I can share that story with you. But today, I am 53. I have loved the journey, it has been challenging, exciting and invigorating. I would not trade the lessons I have learned for a short cut.

Today I do have the opportunity to take days out of my week and well, frankly, fish, or race cars, fly planes, or go water skiing. I have earned it, as can you.

So I, for one, can tell you that entrepreneurial freedom means a lot to me and frankly in regard to freedom I have a lot more than people working a job! Enjoy the video

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