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Our team has a broad depth of high level business experience to work in cooperation with you. No reports, no studies, just actionable advice.

Video Training

We constantly work to provide new video training. Whether you want to purchase a single training module or join our Inner Circle programs, we have a program that can help you become a better leader.

Regular Webinars

We can all learn from each other. Our webinar environment is designed to give you the chance to learn from our team and also have a chance to let the group know about your success so we can all learn.

Our Team

Adventure leadership

Mark - The Battle Captain

Mark is a seasoned business leader with a penchant for adventure. With Guinness World Records under his belt he can show you how to get through challenging times. Known as The Battle Captain for his clear thinking, Mark is a valuable asset on your team

Andre - The CEO Coach

One of Europe's top commodity traders at a very young stage, Andre quickly became used to big business deals. The perfect coach for a CEO or high level corporate leaders. Andre is also one of a handful of qualified Family Office Consultants in the world. Contact us for more information.