From one of the top Commodity Traders in Europe to a leading CEO and coach in the boardroom, Andre has blazed a trail of success. Learn from one of the best business mentors in the world as he travels the world, meeting some of the most amazing entrepreneurs, working in corporate boardrooms and cutting some big deals. "Big" is Andre's turf and now you have the opportunity to learn exactly how you can duplicate what he has done in our Inner Circle program.

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Being a leader can be quite a lonely experience.

Not knowing who to turn to and when only lengthens the runway to success. Both Mark and Andre have led individuals,  teams, corporations and business executives to success. Their principal is simple, if you haven't done it, you can't teach it. Mark has led Guiness World Record breaking teams on grueling expeditions and Andre was one of Europe's top commodity traders in his mid twenties. This pair of global business leaders have designed programs to help you succeed to a higher level in a shorter timeframe.

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Mark is also known as a big thinker - but in the sphere of entrepreneurship and adventure. Mark is a trainer and keynote speaker and takes the lead on much of our training. He leaves audiences, energised and prepared for their next big step. Whether one on one or in a stadium of 10,000 people, Mark's training and stories of global record setting adventures give you the tools and encouragement you need to step out in faith.

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Engaging Video Training

As a member you will get access to our video training models. The higher the membership, the more content you get to access. Learn how to overcome fear, be a good sales person, lead teams, plan and grow your business.

Regular training webinars

There is nothing like getting it from the horses mouth. Join Mark or Mark and Andre on a regular webinar. Learn some of the most up to date tips and training on leadership.

Awesome content

Mark and Andre will routinely add video content, written content and links to other useful information that allows you to grow and develop as a leader.

Global Travel experiences

No moss grows under their feet. Follow along as Mark and Andre travel the world in order to develop business, assist clients, and occasionally hold seminars. See first hand what it is like to travel on business.

Range of Programs

Whether you want to get snippets of info right to your inbox, join in regular webinars or simply get one on one coaching, our programs are designed to serve you in the best possible way.

Save money, make money

In the past our advice has helped dying corporations get back on their feet, individuals grow in to leadership positions, executives find their feet in the boardroom and people turn a start up in to a success. The school of hard knocks becomes too painful at some point in your journey!


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